This portfolio represents three bodies of work I have been developing over the years.

The geometric designs have roots that go back to the 80's, Los Angeles.. I started with black and white xerox machines, moved to colored xerox when it was introduced and on to digital color prints and now, silkscreen.

Several years ago a friend gave me a gift of oil pastels and a small drawing pad. I had never used oil pastels before and started my first drawings by finding out what the medium can do. What is it's nature? Through that process I developed a relationship with the medium. Now I can use the mediums natural language to describe the abstract contents of my work. I just add and edit until I reach the right harmony. I have done over 500 drawings now, and every one of them was a surprising discovery.

I was a child when I painted my first mural. I painted birds and animals all around my room. They sat on the dresser, the curtain rods, mirror and above the door..I got my first commission at age twelve. I hand painted a butterfly border around a kitchen (my aunts's neighbor). Since then, I have painted murals in many "high end" homes and businesses primarily around the Los Angeles area and the Philadelphia area, but also includes Nantucket and the Hamptons, to Aspen and Palm Springs.

Each body of work is still evolving.